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The United States of Hockey is now on Facebook.

Head on over there, check out the new page and make sure to “Like” it. Please share it with your friends, as well.

Every time we have a new post on this site, it’ll be linked on Facebook, so its a great way to keep track of updates on the blog and engage with myself and other readers.

Feel free to upload relevant photos, comment on blog posts or just spout your own commentary on the new Facebook page. You can also check out the discussions page, where I’ll post questions and topics for debate from time to time.

I’m always interested in what readers want to learn more about, so please feel free to use the Facebook page as a chance to let me know what you’re thinking. Is there a player, team or event you want to see covered? I’d appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks to all of those who have shared their ideas and opinions so far, and as always, thanks for reading.


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