2014 Olympics: Get Ready for Sochi with this U.S. Pump-Up Video

The 2014 Olympic Winter Games open Thursday in Sochi, Russia and the women’s tournament begins Saturday, but we still have nine long days to wait for the men’s hockey tournament to start.

Excitement is building though, as evidenced by this terrific video that popped up on YouTube the other day. This fan-created video includes some of the best moments of Olympic men’s hockey history and clips from Miracle set to Aerosmith’s “Dream On.”

Well that should get you sufficiently excited for Sochi, yes? There’s a lot of 2010 footage, including the silver medal ceremony, which is sure to stick in the craw of a few USA fans and undoubtedly will be fueling some of the returnees in Sochi. It’s easy to forget all of the other good moments that 2010 tournament provided for Team USA like the preliminary win over Canada, the close call against the Swiss in the semis, the semifinal rout of Finland and the gold-medal game right up until the end.

It’s hard to believe the Olympics are so close. This is actually the first Winter Games since I started this blog and have been having a blast with all of the lead-up content for Sochi. If you want to catch up, you can see all of the Olympics only posts right here.

Also, be sure to check out CBSSports.com’s Eye on Olympics page where I will be providing a lot of hockey content throughout the Games.

(Connor Gorman via chicago.barstoolsports.com)


Jack Kirrane, 1960; Ken Morrow, 1980

Jack Kirrane, 1960; Ken Morrow, 1980


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