VIDEO: Dylan McLaughlin’s Early Entry for USHL Goal of the Year

Sometimes I’ll get an email in my inbox from Brian Werger, communications director for the United States Hockey League with a subject of “USHL Highlight” and it rarely disappoints.

The latest email included a link to an incredible goal from Cedar Rapids RoughRider forward Dylan McLaughlin. So incredible, it’s an early candidate for goal of the year in the USHL and we’re only three weeks in.

Check the video… Be sure to hold for the replay of the reverse angle.

Alright, so let’s get this straight… On the rush, below the faceoff dot, puck and stick go between legs and then he roofs it to the top-left corner? OK, then.

Sure, it’s a spot of bad goaltending, but you can’t deny the skill with which a play like that requires. I mean… on the rush? Between the legs? Roof shot?

The goal came Saturday night in what was an absolutely ridiculous game Cedar Rapids ended up losing 8-7 in a shootout to Green Bay. The game also included more than 200 minutes in penalties with multiple ejections and made for one of the longest box scores you’ll ever see. At least something good came out of it.

The Lancaster, N.Y., native is a former first-round Futures Draft selection (9th overall in 2011) in the USHL and skated for the Sioux Falls Stampede last year as a 16-year-old. After posting a mere seven points last season, including just one goal, McLaughlin is already picking up steam in his second USHL season with three goals and an assist.

McLaughlin, who is draft eligible for the first time this year, decommitted from Northeastern last season and has yet to make a new commitment. He’s a legit Division I prospect and a little internet stardom never hurt anyone. What a goal.


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