CHL/NCAA Ballyhoo On The Air

Saturday morning, I chatted with Guy Flaming on The Pipeline Show on TEAM 1260 in Edmonton. The topic was (what else?) the ongoing battle between the Canadian Hockey League and college hockey.

You can check out the archive of that conversation here.

Many thanks to Guy for having me on the show. Additionally, I’ve got to hand it to Guy and his partner Dean Millard (who was on vacation Saturday) for their always balanced and fair take on this whole debate.

They both understand that there is not necessarily a right path for a player to take and that there are huge benefits to choosing either route. If you don’t already, be sure to regularly check out their fantastic radio show and equally fantastic blog, Coming Down The Pipe. You can also follow the boys on Twitter: @ThePipelineShow.

Unrelated note: USA Hockey will announce the inductees for the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Class of 2011 Monday. We’ll have a full rundown of the group on USofH later that afternoon. The induction ceremony will be held this fall in Chicago.


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