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Charlie Coyle Makes One Kid’s Day, Reminds Rest of Us There’s Still Magic in Sports

Standing against the boards, a 6-foot-3, 220-pound, 21-year-old hockey player. Chinstrap undone, pucks at his feet, focused on the battle ahead. Then come several light taps on the glass. Nervous ones, but hopeful. Minnesota Wild forward Charlie Coyle maybe due … Continue reading

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Hockey’s Growth in the United States: 2003-2013

Another hockey season is upon us. As NHL training camps open, many hockey players across the country, young and old, are registering for yet another season in the amateur ranks of the sport in the United States. In all likelihood, … Continue reading

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Wayne Gretzky Trade’s Impact on U.S. Hockey Growth

The NHL has been so closely tied to hockey’s growth in the United States, from the very beginning really. However, there are two significant events that altered the game forever in this country: Southeast expansion and The Trade. Wayne Gretzky … Continue reading

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Hockey Participation in U.S. Down Slightly in 2012-13

When USA Hockey released its membership statistics a few weeks back, there was some good news and bad news. The bad news was that for the first time in four years, hockey participation didn’t grow in the United States. The … Continue reading

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College Hockey Expansion: Nebraska has home if it wants hockey

The formulation of a hockey branch of the Big Ten has continually conjured up hopes of a path towards expansion of college hockey, particularly within the conference. It’s easier said than done for a school to add a sport like … Continue reading

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Peewee Body-Checking Ban: Why Hockey Canada, USA Hockey are Getting it Right

Last weekend, Hockey Canada announced its board of directors voted to eliminate body-checking from the peewee level nationwide. USA Hockey is headed into its third season with no checking in peewee after making a similar decision in 2010, while local … Continue reading

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Hockey is Back, But Where Did it Go?

“Hockey is back,” the National Hockey League proudly proclaimed late Saturday night to go along with its stunningly produced return video. That’s the new marketing slogan coming out of the lockout at least. Really that’s all it is, a marketing … Continue reading

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Big Ten Expanding, College Hockey Speculation Follows

It appears the Maryland will announce later today that it will be joining the Big Ten Conference (possibly by the 2014-15 academic year) and it is expected that Rutgers will announce the same Tuesday. Now that the Big Ten is also … Continue reading

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Could College Hockey Expand Through Atlantic Hockey Association?

The Atlantic Hockey Association doesn’t always get a lot of respect around college hockey as a conference. If you were to rank the five conferences, AHA would come in fifth, but it is of vast importance and has played a … Continue reading

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Living with the Lockout — Northwest Division

The players are already playing games in Europe. The preseason through Sept. 30 has been canceled. This is what a lockout feels like. It appears there will be a void to fill, at least until November, maybe December, hopefully not … Continue reading

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